2015 Coverage

Ulysses Press

“PW Review: Heal Your Gut with Bone Broth”/Publishers Weekly, December 2015

“Are Adult Coloring Books The Stress Relief Tool They’re Hyped Up to Be?”/Shape.com, December 2015

“Books Celebrate the Dogs and Cats that Brighten Our World”/Chicago Tribune, December 2015

“10 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast”/New York Post, December 2015

“22 Gifts for Your Mother-In-Law, One of the Most Important People on Your List”/Bustle, December 2015

“The Scary Truth: What Wine, Sugar, Gluten and Dairy Are Doing to Your Skin”/Yahoo! Beauty/ November 2015

“Adult Coloring Books For the Stressed Family Member in Your Life”/The Huffington Post, November 2015

“Fun Coloring and Craft Books”/San Diego Family Magazine, November 2015

“What You’re Eating May Be Jacking Up Your Face”/GoodHousekeeping.com, November 2015

“Discarded Wood Pallets are DIY Gold for Furniture and More”/Yahoo! News via AP, October 2015

“These ‘Noodles’ Go Against the Grain”/OC Register, September 2015

“The Recipe You Have to Try Before Summer Ends“/HelloGiggles, August 2015

“4 Pro Hair Tips That Make Braiding Easy”/Brit+Co, August 2015

“Getting Married? Try These Braids for the Big Day”/Essence.com, August 2015

“The Easiest Way to Make Insanely Tasty Macarons”/HelloGiggles, August 2015

“The Best Jar Salad Recipes for On-The-Go Lunches” + 9 Recipe Excerpts/The Telegraph (UK), July 2015

“13 of the Best Adult Coloring and Activity Books”/Bustle, July 2015

“A Mini-Guide to Oil Pulling”/MindBodyGreen, June 2015

“Biscuit for Your Thoughts” INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Winner (Silver, Pets)/Foreword Reviews, June 2015

“3 No-Cook Meals for Warmer Weather”/Grandparents.com, June 2015

“Wendy Piersall to Create 2 New Coloring Books”/GalleyCat (AdWeek), June 2015

“Color Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Sads Away”/USA Today, June 2015

“How to Wear and DIY a Flower Crown for Your Wedding”/Brides.com, May 2015

“Drop Everything and Make These Funfetti Blondies”/PopSugar.com, May 2015

“How To: Make a Flower Crown for Prom or Homecoming”/About.com, May 2015

“Yoga Sequencing Deck Review”/About.com, April 2015

Sate Chips and Guac Cravings With This Mason Jar Salad”/PopSugar.com, April 2015

“This Mandala Coloring Book for Grown-Ups is the Creative’s Way to Mindful Relaxation”/The Huffington Post, April 2015 (113k+ Likes)

“How to DIY a Flower Crown, Even If You’re Not Into the Boho Thing”/LuckyShops.com, April 2015

29 Hillary Clinton Goodies For the Most Dedicated Supporters”/PopSugar.com, April 2015

“Five Water Bottles So Chic You’ll Want to Show Them Off”/InStyle.com, April 2015

“There Are Just 7 Steps to DIY-ing a Floral Crown for Coachella”/InStyle.com, April 2015

“7 Ways to Put Your Muffin Tin to Work”/Everyday Health, April 2015

“St. Patrick’s Day read: A Primer on the Irish”/NJ.com, March 2015

“7 Life-Changing Books to Make Your Good Relationship Great”/msn.com, February 2015

“15 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas”/The Huffington Post, February 2015

“The Smoothie We All Need to Power Through This Month”/HelloGiggles, January 2015

“There is Now an Anti-Hillary Coloring Book.”/Washington Post, January 2015

“23 Coloring Book That Would Ruin Your Childhood”/Buzzfeed, January 2015

“13 Ways You Can Make Coloring Books a Part of Your Adult Life (NSFW)/The Huffington Post, January 2015

“Homemade Ready-Made Meals”/Mother Earth News, January 2015

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