2013 Coverage

“Recipe: Put Feather in Cap, Call It Macaroni, Add Cheese”/Wall Street Journal, December 2013

“Savory Holiday Cocktails”/Celebrity Cooking Magazine, Winter 2013 (pg. 76-78)

“Thanksgiving carousing: Serve up savory cocktails”/Los Angeles Times, November 2013

“Unique Cocktails: Winter Squash Cocktail Recipe from Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry”/LifestyleMirror.com, November 2013

“35 Slammin’ Holiday Gifts for ’90s Girls”/Buzzfeed, November 2013

“Instacraft: Cookie Cutters Craft”/Goodyblog (Parents.com), November 2013 (part one of four)

“Maker Moment: Instacrafts with Alison Caporimo, Perfect for Holiday Gifts”/Boston.com, November 2013

“5 Ways to Save Big on Pricey Quinoa”/Parade.com, November 2013

“Book Club: Lights Camera Booze/Nylonmag.com, October 2013

“Apartment Hacks: Make a Small Space Feel Bigger”/Redbookmag.com, October 2013

“3 Nail Polish DIYs Worth Trying”/Allure.com, October 2013

“Instacraft: Easy DIY Projects”/BobVila.com, October 2013

“Cheap Halloween Decorations: 12 Easy Homemade Ideas”/RD.com, October 2013

“Building a Little Garden Under Glass”/SFGate.com, September 2013

“Training for the Toughest Sport on Earth”/MensJournal.com, September 2013

“Labor Day Libations: Boozy Watermelon Pops from Poptails”/Boston.com, August 2013

“How to Duplicate Restaurant Recipes in Your Own Kitchen”/State Journal-Register, August 2013

“No-Cook Summer Dinners”/Parents.com, August 2013

“Macarons: The Next Cupcake Craze”/The Huffington Post, August 2013

“The Leafy Greens Cookbook by Kathryn Anible”/theKitchn.com, August 2013

“All of the Books Referenced on ‘Orange is the New Black'”/Buzzfeed.com, August 2013 (Secured placement of The Complete Master Cleanse during season 1.)

“Are You Tough Enough to Complete a Tough Mudder?”/US News & World Report, July 2013

“Restaurant Recipes: Red Lobster’s Shrimp Nachos”/The Nest Blog, July 2013

“Home-Cooked Challenge: Lessons of a Week Without Junk Food”/ Motherlode blog, NYTimes.com, June 2013

“No-Bake Vegan Brownies”/Shape.com, June 2013

“The Pros and Cons of the 5:2 Diet”/BusinessInsider.com, June 2013

“In the Kitchen With: Casey Barber’s Coconut Cherry Suzy Qs”/DesignSponge.com, June 2013

“Shirtless This Summer”/The Huffington Post, June 2013

“Strawberry Shortcake Bars & More American Recipes”/The Couch, June 2013

“Restaurant Recipes: IHOP’s Banana Bread French Toast”/The Nest Blog, June 2013

“Picture Cook: A Different Approach to Home Cooking”/Food Network Blog, June 2013

“Picture Cook: Drawings are the Key Ingredients in These Recipes”/The Salt: NPR, May 2013

“31 Fun Treats to Make in a Muffin Tin”/Buzzfeed.com, April 2013

“Crispy Business: How to Make Cool Ranch Doritos at Home”/Shine Food, Yahoo! Shine, April 2013

“An Ingenious Cookbook Uses Infographics Instead of Words”/FastCoDesign.com, April 2013

“Homemade Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups”/Epicurious.com, April 2013

“From Soup to Dessert, Author Can Pull Meal off Her Shelf”/Boston Herald, April 2013

“DIY Barbecue Potato Chips are a Winner!”/GeekMom, Wired.com, March 2013

“It’s Pi Day! On a stick, savory or sweet, makes pies to celebrate”/Today.com, March 2013

“10 Homemade Recipes for Classic Snacks”/Delish.com, March 2013

“Grace’s Sweet Life by Grace Massa Langlois”/The Kitchn, March 2013

“DIY Classics: Homemade Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups”/Yahoo! Shine, March 2013

Meals in a Jar: From Pancakes to Baby Back Ribs, Just Add Water”/Smithsonian.com, February 2013

“Homemade dehydrated food lets you cook dinner just four times a year”/Grist.com, February 2013

“Create a Duct Tape Laptop Case”/eHow.com, February 2013

“America’s Mason jar a DIY catalyst”/SFGate, February 2013

“Cook the Book: Classic Snacks Made from Scratch/Serious Eats, February 2013

“Mardi Gras: The Feast Before the Fast” (Taste of Treme)/The Daily Meal, February 2013

“A Collection of Steampunk Reviews, Part 1” (Professor Jonathon T. Buck’s Mysterious Airship Notebook)/Geek Dad, Wired.com, February 2013

“Six Books to Help You Eat Better, Look Better, And Save Money” (Budget Savvy Diva’s Guide)/Business Insider, January 2013

“Woman-in-Charge Sex Positions”/SheKnows.com, January 2013

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