2012 and Earlier Coverage

“All I Want for Christmas is…”/Toro magazine, December 2012

“Cookbook review: Taste of Treme/CSMonitor.com, November 2012

“New Cookbook: Artisan Soda Workshop by Andrea Lynn” /TheKitchn.com, October 2012

“Mommy Mixology: Cocktails for parenting”/AllParenting.com, October 2012

“Irresistible Muffin-Pan Recipes”/Redbookmag.com, October 2012

“Q&A: Quinoa Cuisine by Jessica Harlan and Kelley Sparwasser”/Epicurious.com, October 2012

“Making Facebook Less Infantile”/NY Times, August 2012

“Your Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex”/MensHealth.com, August 2012

“6 Mommy Cocktails You Need (And Deserve)”/Babble.com, August 2012

“Muffin Tin Chef”/Wired.com, August 2012

“How to Train for a Triathlon in Just 49 days”/Self.com, July 2012

“Your Guide to Exercising Through the Ages”/ US News, April 2012

“Health Report: When Your Vagina Does Something Weird”/Cosmopolitan, February 2012

“Dan Consiglio: What Your Kids’ Art Says”/the Huffington Post, December 2011

“Ze Frank’s ‘Young Me, Now Me’ Features Childhood Photographs Repeated Years Afterwards”/the Huffington Post, November 2011

“Dorm Gourmet with Trader Joe’s Cookbook”/NY Daily News, August 2011

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