Publicity Director, Ulysses Press

For five of the last eight years, Ulysses Press has been named one of ten “fastest-growing independent publishers” by Publishers Weekly. For the 50+ books published a year, Kourtney implements original and compelling publicity plans through media campaigns, social media, and industry and author events. She creates engaging press materials to send to national, regional and local outlets. Her campaigns have garnered coverage from The NY Times, US News & World Report, Cosmopolitan, NY Daily News,, Men’s Health, the Huffington Post,, Epicurious, SheKnows, TheKitchn,,,, and more. Three titles (Mini Pies, Petite Treats, and Taste of Treme) were featured in Secret Room Event’s 2013 Academy Awards gift bags. Two 2013 releases (Lights Camera Booze and Picture Cook) were featured in Secret Room Event’s 2014 Academy Awards gift bags. Two 2014 releases (The New Braiding Handbook and Biscuit for Your Thoughts) were featured in Secret Room Event’s 2015 Academy Awards gift bags. One 2016 release (Younger Skin Starts in the Gut) was featured in Secret Room Event’s 2016 Academy Awards gift bags.

On-Air Coverage

The Bowery Boys and New York’s Hidden History/The Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC), August 2016

Hand Lettering 101: A Glossary of Terms About Drawing Beautiful Letters/Apartment Therapy, August 2016

Hand Lettering 2.0: Master the Art of Drawing Flowers and Flourishes/Apartment Therapy, August 2016

Faux-ligraphy: How to Make Anything Look Instantly Prettier & More/Apartment Therapy, August 2016

The Bowery Boys/Cityscape with George Bodarky (WFUV), July 2016

Facebook Live: Curbed NY and The Bowery Boys/Curbed NY Facebook, July 2016

The Bowery Boys/Frommer’s Travel Show (77WABC Radio), July 2016

Adult Coloring with Chelsea Handler and Metta World Peace/Chelsea, June 2016

How to Get Youthful Skin with Healthy Foods/EXTRA, April 2016

4 Ways the Foods You Eat Are Making You Look Older/FOX News Health, March 2016

Dr. Nigma Talib: “Younger Skin Starts in the Gut”/Good Day LA, March 2016

New Year Resolutions–All Year Long/Ask Dr. Nandi, March 2016

This Tea Has 10 Times More Antioxidants than Green Tea/FOX News Health, September 2015

How Spices Helped One Woman Shed 40 Pounds in Less Than A Year/FOX News Health, September 2015

Coloring Animal Mandalas and Coloring Flower Mandalas: Coloring Benefits/MyFOXAustin, August 2015

Detox Your Cleaning with Authors of Homemade Cleaners/Pure Green Magazine Podcast, June 2015

Author Wendy Piersall on Studio A/Studio A, FOX 6 Milwaukee, June 2015

Cooking Demo with the authors of Living the Mediterranean Diet/AM Northwest, KATU Portland, June 2015

Gifts for your Favorite Traveler/FOX News, December 2014

“The Foolproof Way to Keep Your Salad Crisp”/, September 2014

“All of the Books Referenced on ‘Orange is the New Black'”/, August 2013 (Secured placement of The Complete Master Cleanse during season 1.)

Print/Online 2016

15 Easy Home Decor Fixes that Will Make a Big Difference/Business Insider, September 2016

“‘The Bowery Boys’ Obsess Over New York City History, With Thousands Listening In”/The Village Voice, August 2016

“The MIND Diet”/Chicago Health, August 2016

“21 Daily Habits that Can Help You Become a Morning Person”/, August 2016

“New Books for DIY Decorators”/Houston Chronicle, August 2016

“Chatting with The Bowery Boys on NYC History, Podcasts and More”/Brooklyn Magazine, August 2016

“15 Supermarket Beauty Buys That Celebrity Skin Experts Adore”/, August 2016

“The Two Things You Need to Boost Your Mind’s Sharpness”/, July 2016

“Q&A: The Bowery Boys Dish on the Secret Side of New York History”/, July 2016

“10 Fascinating New York City Secrets, Courtesy of the Bowery Boys”/Curbed, July 2016

“The Science Behind Your Awful Garlic Breath”/NY Post, June 2016

“Guides to the Birds, Superlatives and History of the Hidden City”/New York Times, June 2016

“10 Sofa Styles for Every Space”/, June 2016

“10 Old-School NYC Sites: Visit Old New York City with The Bowery Boys”/Travel Channel, June 2016

“The Bowery Boys’ New ‘Historical Guidebook’ Comes Out This Week”/Time Out New York, June 2016

“A History of NYC’s Hanover Square and East Financial District from ‘The Bowery Boys: Adventures in Old New York'”/UntappedCities, June 2016

“What We Learned About The Bowery Boys and Their New Travel Guide to Old NYC”/DNA Info, June 2016

“I Tried InStyle‘s Good Skin Diet and Here’s What Happened”/, June 2016

“33 Drugstore Masks, Scrubs and Spa Treatments Celebrity Specialists Love”/, June 2016

“I Tried Going to Sleep at 9 Every Night–Here’s What Surprised Me”/, May 2016

“Stop Drinking White Wine”/New York Post, May 2016

“The 3-Hour Breakfast Trend Instagrammers Love”/New York Post, May 2016

“37 Drugstore Summer Beauty Picks Celebrity Experts Adore”/, May 2016

“Ketogenic Diet Could Help ‘Starve’ Tumours–But Is it Safe for the General Population?”/Yahoo Canada, April 2016

“I’m a Gluten Face, What Are You?”/, April 2016

“I Tried to be a Morning Person for 30 Days”/Greatist, April 2016

“The Secret to Ageless Skin May Be Hiding In Your Gut”/PopSugar, April 2016

“7 ‘Healthy’ Foods that Are Actually Bad For You”/New York Post, April 2016

“12 Easy Ways to Create a Mindful Morning Routine”/Bustle, April 2016

“I Got a 30-Minute Facial and Didn’t Wear Foundation for Weeks”/Byrdie, April 2016

“5 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Are Actually Bad for Your Skin”/MindBodyGreen, April 2016

“This is the Perfect Solution for Your Sad Sandwich Problem”/New York Post, April 2016

“6 Weird Ways Waking Up Early Can Improve Your Health, So Stop Hitting Snooze”/Bustle, April 2016

“We Got a Celebrity Dermatologist to Critique Donald Trump’s Skin”/Galore Magazine, April 2016

“Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s New Diet: Find Out What’s Making Her Feel Better Than Ever”/E! Online, March 2016

“Star Tracks: Younger Skin Starts in the Gut Book Launch”/, March 2016

“Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Freida Pinto Couple Up At Dr. Nigma Talib Book Launch Party!”/Just Jared, March 2016

“The One Stretch You Need to do for Maximum Flexibility”/, March 2016

“A Passion for Pallets”/LA Daily News, February 2016

“Fish Vera Cruz with Pilsner Urquell”/Style magazine, February 2016

“Kama Sutra-Style Adult Coloring Book Features X-rated Positions for Intimate Couples/The Mirror (UK), February 2016

“4 DIY Bath Recipes for a Cold-Weather Oasis”/Yahoo! Beauty, February 2016

“6 Must Read Tips That Will Make You More Productive Than Ever”/Brit + Co, February 2016

“13 Essentials for Coloring Book Fanatics”/Brit + Co, February 2016

“Here’s What Real Vegetarians Actually Eat”/Buzzfeed, February 2016

“Make an Upcycled Potting Bench”/, February 2016

“The One Stretch You Need to do for Maximum Flexibility”/Chicago Tribune, February 2016

“10 Books that Will Kickstart Your Creativity”/Brit + Co, January 2016

“Fruits and Vegetables that Aren’t Really That Good For You”/The Daily Meal, January 2016

“10 Benefits of Waking Up Early in the Morning”/Cheat Sheet, January 2016

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