April 2011-January 2013 features covered careers, entertaining, women’s issues and more.kjny

“Work Conflict 101: What to Do When You (or a Peer) Becomes the Boss”

“Make Getting Fired Work for You” (Article picked up by The Huffington Post — PDF)

“18 Things To Do While You’re Unemployed: A Checklist for Keeping Busy and Staying Sane”

“Are You Sabotaging Interviews…Without Saying a Word?”

“Nailing the Interview: 7 Questions You Should Ask”

“Delicious — And Easy! — Recipes to Make Your Guy (or Yourself!)”

“Throwing a Holiday Party? Make Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes!”

Women’s Issues and more
“Life Lessons We Learned from Helen Gurley Brown”

“Why 30 Should Not Be the New 20!”

“20-Something Perks to Being a Single Lady”

“20-something Books Every 20-something Must Read”

“A Mom’s Lessons: What I’ve Learned About Love Since My Twenties”

June 2008-July 2010
TWIST magazine features cover celebrity interviews on body issues, advice columns as well as real life girls sharing their insecurities.

“Ashley Greene: ‘I Have Ugly Days'” (PDF)

“Ask Ashley Tisdale” (PDF)

“TWIST Real Life: I Hated Changing in the Locker Room” (PDF)