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January 2016-Present
Bachelor Columnist for Metro News

7 Insider Secrets of ‘The Bachelor

7 Reasons Why Olivia Caridi is the Best Villain in ‘Bachelor’ History

8 Things to Know About ‘The Bachelor’ Las Vegas Twins 

March 2015-Present
Freelance writer for GossipGirl.com.

17 Times Beyonce Gave Us #RelationshipGoals

13 Drastic Celebrity Makeovers

The Gossip Girl Cast: What Should They Do Next?

February 2013-Present
Freelance writer for YourTango.com‘s Celeb blog. Covering celebrity news and gossip as well as celeb-focused trend pieces.

10 Signs You’re Not a Lady or a Woman–You’re a Broad

24 Signs You’re Obsessed with ‘Love Actually’

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams, Please Make Babies Already!

13 Lies ’90s Rom-Coms Told Me About Love

11 Lies Disney Told Me About Love (4.8K social media shares)

11 Reasons We’re Obsessed With You, Channing Tatum

10 Lies Nicholas Sparks Told Us About Love

13 Best Make out Songs from the ’90s

Everything Saved by the Bell Taught Us About Love

Celebrity Bachelors No One Should Date

Celebrity Sex: Celebrity Males With the Biggest Packages

“Ryan Seacrest Who? 6 Hot Celebs Julianne Hough Should Date Next”

“9 New Celebrity Baby Mamas in 2013”

April 2011-January 2013
Entertainment articles for Life2PointOh.com focused on pop culture interests of 20-something women.

“TV Couples We Will Always Love”

“20-Something Life Lessons from How I Met Your Mother”

“Anne Hathaway: ‘There’s This Great Myth Out There That Everyone is Enjoying Their Early 20s'”

“Shiri Appleby Reveals the Highs and Lows of her 20s!”

June 2008-July 2010
As the entertainment assistant editor for TWIST magazine, features included exclusive teen celebrity interviews, photo shoots, set visits and entertainment guides.

“Inside Taylor’s Fearless Tour!” (PDF)

“5 Minutes with the Cast of Fame!” (PDF)

“TWIST’s Day on the Set of Victorious (PDF)

“Quiz: What’s Your Dream Sweet 16?” (PDF)

“Quiz: Which TV High School Should You Go To?” (PDF)